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The Binh Quoi Tourist Village (Làng Du Lịch Bình Quới in Vietnamese) is a tourist attraction in the Q.Bình Thạnh District of Ho Chi Minh City, in southern Vietnam.

Bình Quới

The Tourist Village comprises the two parts of the Bình Quới Tourist Area. The Bình Quới Tourist Area I was established by the Vietnamese government in 1975 and 1976, while the Bình Quới Tourist Area II was built from 1979 lớn 1980, and the Tourist Village was established in 1994. The Tourist Village is located on the Thanh Da peninsula on the Saigon River approximately 8 km (a 20- lớn 30-minute drive depending on traffic) from the đô thị center.

Location of Bình Quới Tourist Village in Ho Chi Minh City

The Tourist Village is phối on lush garden-like grounds with lawns, coconut trees, creeks, and thatched cottages, presenting a view of days gone by in Vietnam's Mekong Delta region. Rich traditional southern Vietnamese cuisine is served there, and the area features a three-level, 700-seat floating restaurant in Bạch Đằng Harbor.

Entertainment includes a cultural show featuring a traditional Vietnamese wedding, complete with water-borne bridal procession, rituals, and dances.


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