k + h2so4

Potassium is a soft element belonging lớn Group 1 having symbol K. Let us discuss how K reacts with H2SO4 in this article.

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Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) and potassium (K) react with each other lớn size salt and gas. Sulphuric acid is a viscous acid with no odour and colour. Potassium is an alkali metal with atomic number 19. It reacts vigorously with water and oxygen.

We will discuss some useful facts about H2SO4 + K, lượt thích reaction type, products, reaction enthalpy and balanced chemical equation through this article.

What is the product of H2SO4 and K

Potassium sulphate (K2SO4) and Hydrogen gas are the products formed when H2SO4 reacts with K. The chemical equation for this reaction is,

H2SO4 + K = K2SO4 + H2

What type of reaction is H2SO4 + K

H2SO4 + K is an acid-metal reaction. Here H2SO4 is a strong acid and K is a metal.

How lớn balance H2SO4 + K

The balanced chemical equation for the H2SO4 + K reaction is,

H2SO4 + 2K = K2SO4 + H2

The steps mentioned below must be used lớn derive the balanced chemical equation:

  • The general unbalanced equation for H2SO4 + K reaction is,
    H2SO4 + K = K2SO4 + H2
  • Check if the number of moles of every single atom on both sides of the equation is equal or not.
  • The number of potassium atom is not equal and can be equated by multiplying a coefficient of 2 with K on the left side of the equation.
  • Thus, the balanced chemical equation is,
    H2SO4 + 2K = K2SO4 + H2

H2SO4 + K titration

Titration of H2SO4 + K is not feasible because potassium (K) is a metal and cannot be categorised in any titration.

H2SO4 + K net ionic equation

H2SO4 + K net ionic equation is,

2H+ (aq.) + SO42- (aq.) + 2K (s) = 2K+ (aq.) + SO42- (aq.) + H2 (g)

Following steps are involved in deriving the net ionic equation:

  • Write the balanced molecular equation for the above reaction.
    H2SO4 + 2K = K2SO4 + H2
  • Denote the chemical states (s, l, g, aq) of each compound involved during the reaction.
    H2SO4 (aq.) + 2K (s) = K2SO4 (aq.) + H2 (g)
  • Split the strong electrolytes into corresponding ions lớn obtain the total ionic equation.
    2H+ (aq.) + SO42- (aq.) + 2K (s) = 2K+ (aq.) + SO42- (aq.) + H2 (g)
  • Cancel the spectator ions present in the equation lớn obtain the net ionic equation. Thus, the net ionic equation is,
    2H+ (aq.) + 2K (s) = 2K+ (aq.) + H2 (g)

H2SO4 + K conjugate pairs

H2SO4 + K collectively vì thế not have any conjugate pair. Conjugate pair of H2SO4 contains H2SO4 and its conjugate base is HSO4.

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H2SO4 and K intermolecular forces

  • The intermolecular forces between H2SO4 molecules are London dispersion forces, dipole-dipole interaction and hydrogen bonding.
  • H2 contains weak London dispersion forces.

H2SO4 + K reaction enthalpy

H2SO4 + K reaction enthalpy is -504.8 kJ/mol. The standard enthalpy of formation for different compounds involved in the reaction is,

MoleculesEnthalpy of formation (in kJ/mol)
Reaction enthalpy of compounds

Enthalpy of reaction (ΔHf) = Standard enthalpy of formation of products – standard enthalpy of formation of reactants

Thus, ΔHf = (-1165.11 – 0) – (-909.27 – 0)

ΔHf = -504.8 kJ/mol

Is H2SO4 + K a buffer solution

H2SO4 + K does not size a buffer solution because H2SO4 is a strong acid, but for a buffer solution there must exist a weak acid.

Is H2SO4 + K a complete reaction

H2SO4 + K is a complete reaction and no further process is left in this reaction.

Is H2SO4 + K an exothermic or endothermic reaction

H2SO4 + K is an exothermic reaction because reaction enthalpy has a negative value.

Exothermic Reaction Graph

Is H2SO4 + K a redox reaction

H2SO4 + K is a redox reaction in which the hydrogen atom is getting reduced and the potassium atom is getting oxidised.

Redox reaction

Is H2SO4 + K a precipitation reaction

H2SO4 + K is not a precipitation reaction because no solid products are formed after the process.

Is H2SO4 + K reversible or irreversible reaction

H2SO4 + K is an irreversible reaction because the H2 gas once evolved, cannot be reverted back into the reaction mixture.

Is H2SO4 + K displacement reaction

H2SO4 + K is a single displacement reaction in which K displaces H2 from H2SO4 lớn size K2SO4.


This article concludes that hydrochloric acid and potassium are highly reactive and must be handled carefully. K is kept submerged in seawater lớn prevent it from reacting with air or moisture.

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